What Do We Do For You.

We are a true independent consultant. Our founder Tim is a member of the IAPSC, a professional organization that has strict values and ethics that we follow as well.

We do not and will not accept kick backs for recommending a product. We recommend what is best for each client with no cookie cutter solutions. Our consultancy firm's main focuses are in Security and Management. Below is a small taste of what services we offer.

Security Planning and Design

We design and plan physical and electronic security systems for your facility. Working closely with your facilities staff and/or architect, we design buildings that are safe and can be cost-effectively managed from a security perspective.

Red Teaming & Simulation

Red Teaming and Simulations is the process of using tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) to emulate a real-world threat with the goals of training and measuring the effectiveness of people, processes, and technology used to defend your infrastructure.

Our simulation* program is going to be helping to develop and implement a new methods to test the security and safety of a building. By using AI and Computer Vison to give a whole new level of heat mapping.
(*Currently in development & testing)

Project Management

We help companies that have ongoing design and construction projects in multiple locations to develop ensure and develop design standards that can be used to assure consistency between facilities.

Design standards provide guidance on how security features are to be incorporated into the design of the building.

Are you an architectural or engineering firm? Check out our A&E Services as well!

A&E Services

Some of our largest clients are architectural and engineering firms to provide a review of architectural, engineering and construction documents to see that all security requirements have been properly included. Such as doors, lock hardware, lighting, fencing, landscaping, and security systems, among others important security features.

Policy and Procedures

We strive to develop comprehensive written policies and procedures for your company and/or organization. Whether you are starting completely from scratch, or already have policies and procedures that need fine-tuning, or updating.

Physical Security Assessments/Risk Assessments

We perform independent evaluations of your present security program. Identification of key assets and security risks, analysis of your existing security procedures and systems, and development of recommendations for cost-effective ways in which security at your facility can be improved.

Threat Assessments

Threat assessment is similar to but different than risk assessments. We help with the act of deciding the credibility and urgency of a potential danger, as well as the likelihood that the threat will turn into a reality. While Risk Assessments are independent to the more settled act of brutality chance evaluation. Threat Assessments intend to intervene on any individual's pathway to commit atrocities.

Training and Presenter Services

Ranging from executives to front line workers. Our training and presenting style helps everyone get excited about security. We also can do customized training for your specific needs security needs.

Case Studies/ Non-Profit Work

If you think you have some interesting security risks or solutions that could be to study the facility to help grow and develop and build the future of security. We pride ourselves in wanting to help others. In a way to give back we give a limited amount of free assessments to qualified non-profits per year in order to achieve this.

Removing bias in three steps:

1) How our security designing process different?

Our proprietary simulation software help give an exclusive and independent look into your security with more accuracy then our competition and without the bias.

2) What do we do and do not do in security?

T.A. Minor is an independent, fee-based consultant that does not sell security system equipment, guard services, or integration of systems. With our team of diverse and award winning experts have an in-depth, up-to-date knowledge of the latest security and safety technology; as well as a portfolio of customizable crime prevention strategies. To ensure that our clients enjoy a best-in-class experience, we have also established a regional network of “boots on the ground” security professionals to assist in meeting their proprietary needs.

3) What guides our company?

Our guiding principle, and a part of our unique business model, is that we will not accept commissions, “kick-backs”, or any type of compensation tied to the products or services we recommend. Standing firm on this position ensures that we will always deliver the truly best customer-centric solutions to our clients every time.

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Security Systems News (SSN)

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International Association of Professional Security Consultants (IAPSC)

International Association of Professional Security Consultants (IAPSC)

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Security Systems News (SSN)

Security Systems News (SSN)

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