What do you mean Simulation?

Using our simulation and heat mapping technology we are able to test security metrics with Red-Teaming exercises. While this is a way to test yet verify what we are seeing simulation wise is what is going on historically and actually.

Now what does the simulation do?

Our proprietary simulation program while still in the works it is going to help us develop and implement a new method to test the security and safety of a building using simulations and the companies existing security methods then recommending customers the the correct items for improving their systems.

But, most importantly the simulation can help you save money on insurance premiums and help lower your organizational risk cost!!!!

This is achieved though our developmental artificial intelligence that allows us to take the information from the Perception and Design (PaD) module that houses multiple sensor fusion like LiDAR, thermographic camera and others to look at your facility. Then from your existing blueprints and the other information gathered by PaD. We take historical data of major events and regional demographics. We put this all information into our Developmental Dynamic Response (DDR) & Simulation Unit (SU) to run simulated events to better develop an accurate dynamic heatmap of possible issues that may arise. We then take the at least the top 5 risks or more, (based on customer needs) we develop a plan to combat these risks by changing some variables inside of the simulation to find the most effective way to combat the risks at hand without increasing other risks.

Perception and Design (PaD) module (Currently in Development)


This technology that we have developed is one of a kind and is constantly evolving and growing. Our team is constantly innovating and growing to make the process easier and more accurate.

Customer First

Our number one priority is to make things as easy for the customer and our second most important thing is to save the customer money.

Proprietary Systems

Our systems are all maintained and developed in house and will always be way to insure quality over quantity.