Risk assessments are a great way to know exactly where your Security is the most vulnerable. Our team at T.A.Minor and Associates take the time to physically go over every aspect of your security from the building and your security measures down to the worker and even your suppliers. We assess the likelihood of an attack from all perceivable angles and attempt to come up with a plan to mitigate as much risk as possible to make sure your company, staff and customers are safe.

Services for Physical risk assessment almost always include:

– An in-person overview of any and all security measures currently in place
– An in-depth look at the surrounding area
– An interview process of those involved in the security of your building including a look at your supplier, and integrator.

We stand by the fact that more may be done as necessary as we discover what is required to be done to make a plan in accordance with your needs. This is because we treat every facility as an independently to insure we give you the best results. Just because something is good for one facility does not mean it is right for all your faculties and you could be wasting time, and money on something you do not need. This is important to us as we are trying to help your bottom-line.